An Intersecting Road

February 24, 2018

How did I get to this juxtapose?  In the past 25 years I have remained successfully married to my high school sweetheart, taught in the elementary environment, raised two children that will positively impact the world, loved beautiful creatures and brought them into our home, watched parents get older, witnessed children thrive, fail and thrive again, and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  I suppose if I had to go backward in time my life changed considerably when I was diagnosed with Clinically Isolated Syndrome (in simple terms the first lesions on my brain that pointed to a potential to be Multiple Sclerosis).

Some three years later MS had progressed to a place were it left me with some ugly issues that made teaching extremely time consuming and tedious.  All the while, my husband was trying to continue life on as normal with two kids in early high school, after walking away from his corporate job a mere 6 months prior while simultaneously starting his own business.

I thought I had found my new life’s pattern until my first child left home for college in August.  I am sure this sounds crazy, given all the changes that I have encountered over the past few years, but  I am more lost than ever!!  So, here I sit refiguring out who I am with kids not home.  I’ve learned how to knit, crochet, enjoyed the coloring craze, become a math tutor, helped my daughter find the right college, got her through RUSH and pledging, researching studying abroad for my son, went through house renovations and now trying to figure out how to start a blog.

In the end, life is good!!  I got to this juncture in my life because of Multiple Sclerosis but I am very aware of how incredibly lucky I am to be living this life.  I am a LUCKY DUCK!!!  I live with people and pets that really love me, I have fabulous doctors and live around good people.  My husband is my knight in shining armor, my daughter is a absolute gift, my son is going to make the world a better place and my Great Danes bring fun and joy to each and every day!!!!!



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