I adopted a Squatty Potty!!!!!!!!!

March 13, 2018

I adopted a thing called a Squatty Potty because my PT says it will help train my pelvic floor to listen to me.  Oh my!!!!!!

squatty potty

Turns out you should go potty like you live in a 3rd world country.

I’m sad about this whole situation but if I don’t change the way I can’t go potty then I’m going to have to move to a full-time catheter program or adult diapers.  I’m just very sad!!  But I will find my peace and move onward!!  Life is to short to be fussy about a thing called a SQUATTY POTTY or a little tiny tube to empty your bladder.


4 thoughts on “I adopted a Squatty Potty!!!!!!!!!”

  1. I have been intermittent self cathing for years. At first I was terrified to try it, but the fact that it allowed me more than an hour without having to go “try again” was worth it. Good luck to you!


    1. I wish I didn’t have to worry about the possibility of it. However, I understand the damage I can do to my kidneys. I’m hoping if I continue with my pelvic floor exercises from PT I can extend the possibility to later!!!

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      1. believe it or not, it appears to be one of the treatments with the least amount of damaging side effects. I am sure there are other treatments out there, that I am not aware of, just be sure that you keep doing your OWN research!!! I really wish you the best of luck!

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  2. I have heard there is a pill but it could back-fire or cause the bladder to do the opposite of your wishes. Additionally I don’t want to be a walking pharmacy so I don’t like pills. I’m always willing to do the work.

    Thanks Grace😉


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