Meeting the Breast Specialist

June 6, 2018

Woman having a pain in the heart attact. Medical and health care concept.

Today is the day that I go and meet the BREAST SPECIALIST.  I am feeling a little anxious but mostly ready to go and learn what this crazy bump is on my right breast.  The bump has stopped changing colors and is now a subdued pink/red.  The size has not changed and the height has finally maintained some sense of consistency.  One of the current changes is the feel of the bump.  It is a harder bump now versus feeling soft like previously.  The other change that has been more consistent is a aching in both breasts.  The aching makes me feel protective of my chest and is making it harder to sleep when I want to sleep on my stomach.

Since the Diagnostic Mammogram gave a  NO CANCER all I can do is to be sure to  religiously apply the topical ointment sent by my GP.  The pharmacist told my husband that it is used for a high level Staph Infection.  I have been applying it for nearing 3 weeks but do not feel like it has made any real changes.

In processing this bump with my friend — I hope worst case scenario is that it has to be removed.  Best case scenario would be to continue to apply the topical ointment or use a different ointment instead.

The Breast Specialist is also a Surgeon so I am scared of the thought of sticking a needle into the bump to see what can be learned from what is expelled.  I also watched a video of a doctor removing a cyst with a small cookie cutter like circle to get the growth out.  The site was numbed then the doctor put the small cookie cutter like instrument on the site and twisted until she felt she had made a deep enough well to get the growth out.  The doctor ended the procedure with stitches.  I hate the thought but I could also see something like that happening TODAY!!!  My GP specifically asked the Breast Specialist to identify IF THE BUMP CAN BE REMOVED?

So like the song MY FAVORITE THINGS from the Sound of Music

  • So when the dog bites,
  • When the bee stings,
  • When I’m feeling sad
  • I simply remember my favorite things
  • And then I don’t feel so bad.

Today that is —– a promise of chocolate-peanut butter ice cream with my husband, face-timing my daughter and Baby Dear, having time to say hello to my son when he is done with work at the golf course, my silly dogs, the excitement of seeing my friend Mary on Friday and positive thinking that this is all going to be just fine!!!!


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