RE-Building My Medical Team

June 17, 2018

My previous Neurologist was special. He was knowledgeable, thorough, a concise listener, a clear communicator and had a compassionate and gentle bed-side manner. He was a doctor that I trusted, was easy to communicate with and I felt that he genuinely cared for my health. Unfortunately, he left his practice to work on a Stroke Clinic.

How do you replace such precision? He was a perfect Neurologist for me!!!!!!!

Lucky me, my perfect previous Neurologist set me up with another local Neurologist.  Little did I know that the new Neurologist, that I spent months stressing and waiting to meet, was incredibly similar in every way to my previous Neurologist that left to go start a Stroke Clinic.  (I forgot — BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER)

multimedia birds

My new Neurologist is a relief and very appreciated.  He walked in with a kind face, a warm hello, aware of my medical past, knowledgeable about MS,  listened well, communicated clearly and had a kind, caring bed-side manner.  I can’t tell you how much stress that takes off my shoulders.

Next step is to find a replacement Urologist.   My previous Urologist was fabulous but she moved to Minnesota in late May to support her husband.😔😢😞

It is so much work finding doctors you connect with and want to keep on your medical go to list— personal medical team.

I have a kind, honest, thorough GP,  My GYNOCOLOGIST is awesome, My ORTHOTIST is a caring,thorough perfectionist and  My new NEUROLOGIST is a breath of fresh air!!

UROLOGIST is Dr. ??????????

I feel very 🍀 lucky and pleased with my current medical team!!   Big sigh of relief!

birds-of-a-feather-flock-together   saad kanaan  dr c godwin

Thank You Dr. Kanaan, you were truly a special doctor. It was a pleasure to know you.

Thank You Dr. Godwin, your ability to bring comfort to your patients in a uncomfortable situation surpassed any I ever met.





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