My Puppy 🐶 Has Multiple Personalities!!!

Up-date—August 12, 2018 (NEW PERSONALITY Finding—read below)

Originally Posted—June 29, 2018

My 2 POUND Chihuahua Puppy, Petey, has grown immensely since I first brought him home 3 1/2 months ago.  He weighed a mere 12 ounces back then.  Due to the breeds small size Chihuahua’s suffer from Hypoglycemia,  So, keeping them warm so they don’t lose a ton of calories on heat conduction requires a heating pad to sleep, feedings 4-5 times a day with adequate protein to ensure proper calories to combat Hypoglycemia (we got a approval from Vet for Science Diet a/d mixed with softened puppy chow-mushed together and heated) and of course potty training.  In the end a ton of work for a tiny ball of fur that you love, love, love.

Today my puppy can climb stairs, enjoys playing in the hose, races around like a  bolt of light, isn’t concerned about my Great Danes, loves kitties, chews the heads off my beautiful flowers, travels well and knows he’s PETER THE GREAT!!!


Here’s the issue, I’ve started to notice several different personalities emerging.  In fact I think Petey currently has 6. 🧐

  • Peter the Great—is the King of everything and is confident yet calm
  • Petey—is sweet, snuggles, gives kisses and can be shy  with strangers
  • Snapping Turtle—🐢🐢attacks w/razor sharp puppy teeth, crazy sounds and muffled growls  —WATCH OUT!!!
  • Mr L Wewers—-has found his wewers and is enjoying rubbing it on things☹️. Mr. Wewers has even tried enjoying my leg.  OH NO!!!
  • H.W. Sassy — aka Hell on Wheels Sassy Pants because he emerges with his Bossy Boots 👢 and his Sassy 👖 Pants on.  He plays games like I AM NOT LISTENING TO YOU!!!!,  I’M DOING WHAT I WANT!!!!!!
  • Tazmanian Devil — is extremely territorial and snarls in a way that makes you think your about to become an amputee


  • Dog Diggler—is extremely passionate about our 160 pound Great Dane. This personality thinks his wewers is a blessing to Nana!! (Based on a character from Boogie Nights)

My hope is that over time I will see that Petey has outgrown this little problem and become a little more balanced.  In the meantime I’m left wondering does this happen to all puppies?? Or does mine need doggy therapy???  Either way I’m keeping him!!! Perhaps I can contract support from my daughters Chihuahua, Elio!! Petey can pay with Peter Pan Peanut Butter (his fav brand—his name sake of course), Cheerios and Mini Milk Bone Dog Biscuits.



5 thoughts on “My Puppy 🐶 Has Multiple Personalities!!!”

  1. Oh my goodness, he is absolutely adorable!!!! You are going to laugh at me now, but Chihuahuas are the only dog that I am a little scared of! This is the only type of dog I have ever been bit by and I have been around HUGE dogs! But Petey looks so precious! I am about 99.9% sure one of my cats is either bipolar or has multiple personalities! Our older cat, she is 13 years old is like a sour patch cat! When she is sweet, you can not help but love her, but she changes so fast. She goes from sweet to evil in like 1.2 seconds!
    I am sure your sweet little puppy will out grow the multiple personalities! He is just growing into his own self! Thank you for sharing the cute pictures, I definitely look forward to more pictures!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree!! I’ll up-date when/if that happens!!

      I loved your post WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU??
      When processing Goat (Greatest Of All Time) — I think I might be a DOG (Dedicated-Observant-Guardian)


      1. Ooh I love it. Dedicated observant guardian 😍 But even if it didn’t sum up to this, I wouldn’t mind being Dog😀
        Thank you for appreciating my post. Glad you liked it.


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