💥 Independence 💥




July 7, 2018

This 4th of July took my family in many very INDEPENDENT directions.  My daughter went to Denver for a concert then onto Colorado Springs to see the mountains with a gal-pal, my son stayed home for work and to care for our beloved Great Danes and my husband took me to Saint Augustine, Florida.  It was my first trip with no children in tow.  And for my children it was a first experience exploring the world without a parent overseeing.

It was refreshing to go our own separate ways for a few days.  And lucky 🍀 me my dear husband thought of everything to make our small vacay fab!

Saint Augustine claims to be the oldest city in the U.S., and is known for its Spanish colonial architecture.  It was quaint, filled with interesting history and architecture and had many places to explore.  I loved the restaurants, shopping, architecture,  atmosphere and the people were a daily highlight!!


We stayed at St George Inn in Saint Augustine.  Our room had a balcony overlooking the daily passers and goers but was quiet and relaxing at night.  Petey loved going out on the deck to hear people talk to him from below.  When we wanted to venture out everything we could want was in walking distance.  Sometimes Petey came along for the adventure, other times he stayed in the cool, quiet of our room, where the St. George Inn welcomed with open arms.

Petey handled it all like a pro.  With a stop over we have 2 flights each way.  He handled the ✈️ airplane travel to many new friends wanting to greet him (face to face) to visiting many unknown venues with different expectations and rules.  It was fun to have him along.

Basilica of Saint Augustine
Basilica of Saint Augustine
Huguenot Cemetary
Huguenot Cemetary
Castillo de San Marcos
Castillo de San Marcos


13 thoughts on “💥 Independence 💥”

  1. I love the pictures! I could almost feel like I was there! How did Petey do on the plane?
    I love this part….. I strive to live my life like my Grandma and my Dad have shown me time after time after time. It has been ingrained in my psychy how to find the good in everything, to treat people with kindness, leave each place you visit better than you found it, and to take the time to see the beauty in life. Your grandma and father had great advice and I am glad you are able to embrace it


    1. Hi Grace— I wasn’t sure how it would all go but he made it effortless!! Seriously he just sat on my lap, snoozed, watched, listened.
      As for my dad and grandmother — they are special and made my life okay after I lost my mother. I was 🍀 lucky to have them at my side!!

      Thank You for reading that much in depth.


  2. Looks like you had wonderful weather to view all the attractions and architecture – one dark cloudy day which hopefully didn’t cause any change in plans? Petey is a cutie!


    1. Hi Linda

      The weather was nice, especially on the day of that cloud. It brought a fabulous breeze off the water. Otherwise, I was trying to acclimate to the humidity. Good time but heat made my legs move like molasses.

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  3. Ms. Lucky Duck (I have been looking on your site for your name, so I will address you like this in the meantime, okay?) … I think the humidity makes you want to melt sometimes and especially in Florida – whew … hot, hot, hot everywhere this Summer, and around the world. Bloggers in the U.K. and Sweden have been writing about the wicked heat … in Sweden, the farmers’ crops are dying, they have no food or water to sustain the animals … so sad. My mom had many medical issues, orthopedic mostly, because she was hit by a car age 11. Over the course of her lifetime, she had over 40 orthopedic operations. I realize your condition and what my mom endured are not the same, but I know the humidity was extremely bad for her. She would predict the weather based on how her bones felt.


    1. Hi Linda

      I love my name!! I will read it proudly!!!

      So— are the animals just becoming emaciated?? That makes me incredibly sad. I am an avid animal lover!!! Further, a farmers life is tough enough— imagine trying to care for a growing family with no crop and unhealthy stock.

      I’m sorry to hear about your mom. She must have been a trooper. As for me I really can’t complain—I’m still ambulatory, can see, and have a family that loves me for who I am. Walking like your treading through molasses is far easier than 40 orthopedic operations and all that it entailed. Bless your mom!!

      Good to talk to you Ms. Linda!! You brought a needed smile to my day just in hear from you. ☺️

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      1. Okay, Ms. Lucky Duck it is then …

        Yes, the animals are becoming emaciated and nothing to feed them and no extra water to give them or help the crops … just a vicious circle. As an animal lover, just like you, that makes me very sad as well. Imagine the poor farmer having to deal with the loss of his animals, loss of income – a farmer’s life is tough and not for everyone.

        Yes, my mom was a trooper and she had many medical issues that began as a result of her orthopedic problems. That is why I never take my good health for granted and that is why I have empathy for those who have medical issues. You have a very good attitude and outlook on life and that is what gets you through each day … and your life.

        I am glad I gave you a smile. 🙂

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