I Would Like to Challenge You

July 12, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all of the fabulous people I am meeting because of BLOGGING.  It has made me wonder what we have in common beyond BLOGGING.  For some of us its a degenerative illness or a health issue, others its dogs, others it sharing life’s adventures or a positive attitude.  It made me wonder if its true, DO BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER????

birds of a feather flock together

My husband is my best buddy and I think we are similar in ways that build a moral person (family-oriented, respectful, hard-working, faithful).  When we got married we took a personality test called the Myers, Briggs.  It helped us understand each other and our styles of living life at a deeper level.  We definitely shared some characteristics but had others that were opposites.  For example I was a Introvert-Feeler and my husband was a Extrovert-Thinker.  We felt strongly that while our styles were different we complimented each other well and made a coherent strong whole as a couple.  So, in this case it was more of a case of OPPOSITES ATTRACT.

opposites attract

Then, recently my daughter and I were at a Border’s Bookstore and bought a self-scoring personality test by Victor Serebriakoff for $3.99.  We were both intrigued and thought it would be interesting to have our family take the assessment.  I thought that the results could help us add another level of understanding about one another.

My results from the Personality Test by Victor Serebriarkoff were–                         Character: Average (In-between Introvert and Extrovert)                                                        Stability: Sympathetic                                                                                                                        Creativity: High-Average Creativity                                                                                            Strong-Mindedness: Shy, Warm-Hearted

After seeing my results, I realized that as I have matured my character has changed a bit.  Previously I was a true introvert and now I am much more comfortable in my own skin and with people.  So, the test results said my character now is Average which on this assessment means I interact with people in a way that is in-between a Introvert and a Extrovert.

The test results led me to question if the Myers-Briggs Personality Test would validate this same finding a mere 25 years later.  Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a copy of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test but I did find a site that claims to offer the same guidelines and characteristics of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. So, I was intrigued to give the test a try.  It took approximately 10 minutes and offered the following results —

My 16 Personalities

The results of the 16 PERSONALITIES PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT did not concur that I interact with the world in a way that is in-between an Introvert and a Extrovert.  However, the in-depth explanation of me seems to fit.  And I do think that over time I have become much more of a extrovert in my comfort level with people.


So, since I’ve seen many CHALLENGES going around I want to put one out there.  I would like to challenge each of you to click on the link above, take the personality assessment and see who you areI would love to hear what your personality type it.  Are we BIRDS OF A FEATHER?  Or are we a sampling of the melting pot?


4 thoughts on “I Would Like to Challenge You”

  1. I don’t normally take tests like this or put much stock in them, but this one was weirdly accurate, at least in the in-depth descriptions. When it came up with me being a mediator, I knew it was headed in the right direction. Thanks for sharing!💕

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