The “Little Man” In Your Brain

July 15, 2018



Recently I came across an image of a HOMUNCULUS that I received from one of my Physical Therapists several months ago.  As you can see the homunculus is a crazy representation of the human body that shows how your brain sees your body from the inside.  The image is based on the neurological areas and proportions of the human brain that are dedicated to processing sensory and motor functions.


Back in the 1930’s a man by the name of Wilder Penfield performed brain surgeries on people with Epilepsy and other issues.  When he had the patients alive and aware with their open brain exposed on the operating table he would experiment with locating which parts of the brain forced voluntary bodily functions and feelings.  This is where the Cortex Homunculus Chart got put into place and is still used today.

little man in your brain

The information about the Homunculus got shared with me because I was at PT for my bladder and pelvic floor.  My kidneys were unhealthy because we thought my bladder did not receive the messages from my brain to go potty so potty sat in my bladder to long making my kidneys unhealthy.  As it turned out it was my Pelvic Floor that was not receiving the messages to relax and allow my bladder to completely empty.  When I told my PT that I could not feel my bladder, probably because of MS, she was skeptical and said she would fix the problem.  Then she found out that I could not feel my toes and she changed her mindset about being able to help me feel my bladder.

In the end  I can not feel my bladder nor my toes.  On the Homunculus Chart the toes and genitalia are right next to one another.  I also am losing feelings in my left little, ring and middle finger tips. I wonder when I look at the chart how I will be affected next?!?!?!?

Do you have health issues that are reflected on the Cortex Homunculus Chart?


4 thoughts on “The “Little Man” In Your Brain”

  1. My friend went to a series of visits with a physical therapist for pelvic floor exercises for the opposite reason – her bladder was wanting to empty at inopportune times. She had those appointments through the Winter months and finished up around March and had, and still has, exercises that she has to do. She also uses weights to strengthen her core and her pelvic floor. She told me she was cured. The reason we discussed it was she had minor surgery to reduce the issue of incontinence and it did not help, so her doctor had suggested going this route. Her daughter, age 26, just had a baby two months ago and it was suggested she go to this physical therapist for good muscle tone.


    1. I have been to several physical therapists and I always learn so much!!! Did you know in some countries you go to the doctor to see a physical therapist first. Afterwards, if the physical therapist can’t fix the problem, you go to the doctor/general practitioner.

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      1. That is interesting that this is how it works, but maybe the doctors are “booked up” and this is like going to “triage” to assess the situation?. I was born in Canada but moved here to the States at age 10 – there are many differences in the two health care systems. I know from telephone calls with friends of my late mother, that sometimes there are long waits before elective surgeries can be done because of a shortage of doctors to perform the surgeries. Are you in the U.K. Jennifer?


  2. Hi Linda

    I live in the Central 🇺🇸 United States. That makes me sad that people may have to wait longer than need be. It seems in some specialties there are simply not enough doctors anywhere. I had to wait MONTHS to get a apptmt with a Neurologist before I was diagnosed. It was difficult not knowing anything for so long!!! Imagine if you were waiting for a surgery to get approved.


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