12 Things I Learned From My 2 LB Puppy



1. It’s not fun being cold and snuggling is afterall on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs!!

Petey snuggled into bed with his favorite chewy.

2. Kisses bring warm fuzzies to anybodies heart any time of day.

Petey is very passionate about sharing kisses!!!

3. If you want attention just tell somebody. People are good!!!

Snuggling is important even during a road trip!!! Plus you can experience the adventure so much better.

4. Plenty of sleep, brings a more joyful life! 

Petey believes that fitting naps in to your day, no matter what it brings is important. You must always be prepared to give your absolute best!!!

5. Snacks are an important part of a balanced diet! Be sure not to let anybody take them away! 

Be sure to click the link below


Petey does everything with all that he is, even eating snacks!

6. Your only as big as you think you are!


Petey playing with his 160 pound friend Nana.

7. Appreciate the ☀️ sunshine!


Rest and relaxation.

8. Dress for success!!

Looking very dapper!!!

9. Everywhere you go bring joy!

The perks are being held by beautiful ladies!!!

10. Watch your step, us little guys are down here.

tiny petey
If you miss us though we are quite adept at quickly getting to safety.

11. Always welcome people home.


12. Appreciate the small things.

Petey and Elio
My friend Elio and me are both littles.

28 thoughts on “12 Things I Learned From My 2 LB Puppy”

    1. Petey is used to being the center of attention. He brings such happiness that I bring him anywhere I can. My husband, who thought he would never own a little dog, really enjoys him too. We all do — he’s hilarious and so sassy!!

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      1. He had to “compete” against the already-established family members, i.e. the Great Danes, so to establish his place in the family he became “big and bold” (in his eyes) and lots of fun moments for you too in this process … and beyond.

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      2. He was the tiniest of the liter too but the Breeder said he was the boss!!!

        In my house, our Great Danes, are so gentle and kind. Our girl thinks Petey is her baby, he loves to go cuddle near her, and our boy doesn’t realize his enormity and so wants to play. Petey is very comfortable in their presence. However, Petey quickly learned how to thrive, as a little tiny he had to!! We don’t see it until he has a treat — then be forewarned! He will battle for it.

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      3. That’s okay Jennifer and that happens to me often – happened yesterday with someone commenting on a post and I know I wrote a couple of paragraphs and when I went back at the end to ensure I didn’t miss anything in the notifications area and didn’t see the arrow that I had replied, clicked on the post – nothing was there. It probably means it was in her SPAM filter, but I do check my SPAM filter several times a day … some of the overseas bloggers for some reason, I’ll comment and it goes into cyberspace and have to go right onto their blogsite to post.


      4. Me too Jennifer – always lots to learn when it comes to computers, that is for sure! I still haven’t set up a “contact me” page on my blog, and I only recently retooled my blog as I had the same design as the day I set it up (02/11/13) and decided on the fifth anniversary and since I had more people reading it, I would do some enhancements, like my favorite pictures down the side in a gallery, and some other small things (I enlarged the font size as somehow WordPress did some upgrades or something and I found it way too small to read my own stuff!)


      5. Learning how to make a BLOG look like you envision can be difficult. It can eat up so much time if you allow it. The learning curve is so big for me that I start on one task and find an idea for another in the process then forget what my goal was in the first place. And end up accomplishing nothing. Big sigh—eventually I’ll get it all the way I envision it.

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      6. Well, I never touched mine from the initial set-up and at that time five years ago, I chose the easiest template. When I revamped my blog site a little this Summer, I looked at the little doodads and gadgets available and thought to myself “nope, not going to do any of those things” … as that expression goes “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”


      7. Petey was the smallest of the liter but the Breeder said he was the BOLDEST. To thrive he learned he had to put on his bossy boots. We only see it when he has a treat!

        As for the Great Danes, true to the breed nature they are both very kind and gentle. Our girl thinks she’s Petey’s mommy. Our boy thinks he’s Petey’s size and wants to play!! I know how crazy to have such extremes in one house but I/we truly love them all!!!! They add so much to our lives.

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      8. It takes patience and work to get to that point though. I have a friend that had a happy family of 2 boxers and her vet asked her to take in a boxer rescue that had a ticking clock. She took him in but it has caused absolute havoc and resulted in her original 2 brother boxers being bullied, scruffed up and bruised. She cries about it and says she is not going to be the person to do what everybody else has done to him. She keeps working on it. Her name is Susie and her huge heart makes her a fabulous 1st grade teacher.

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      9. That is sad that Susie was so willing to share the love and at the expense of her two boxers. But she still has love in her heart as she is persevering … that is admirable and probably why her students love her.


      10. The adopted boxer is HANK. I think she has come to realize her home is a safe place for HANK that he can learn to count on. Her original 2 boxers just have to be very monitored in his presence! When leaves HANK must be kenneled!! Maybe eventually she can relax a little about HANK until then he’s safely cared for in a way that shares as much love as he is capable of taking in.

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      11. That’s good, yes, some animals, especially coming from a rough environment if they weren’t treated as kindly, leaves permanent marks on them. My friend adopted two shelter dogs. They are red tick hounds and they are a male and female, but not coming from the same family. Ginny does not act too “wild” but George is like a bull in a china shop, and when it thunders, he cowers in the corner, but not until he races through the house at breakneck speed knocking down everything in his way.

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      12. I don’t understand it either Jennifer. We have so many instances of animal cruelty here – if it isn’t people hoarding as many as 100 dogs or cats in an absolutely filthy house – I mean a house where those animals are not allowed out of the house to do their business, nor are the cats given litter boxes … and those animals are often destroyed by the Humane Society as beyond help. But there are people abusing animals as well – just so very sad to see. Why do people hurt animals for sport?


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