People Make Life Good

July 24, 2018


Last night my daughter and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner out.  The week has been crazy and filled with trips to and from her college to move and clean.  And my husband, the chef  in our 🏠 , is away on a fishing trip to Canada with my son.


Driving to the cabin in Canada my husband and son saw this – notice the signage


View from their cabin – Lake Eagle, Ontario


My son is sitting on the right, in the cock pit of the small plane. On this day they are traveling to a remote island to catch Musky


A mere 1200 miles later — my boys have arrived to fish for a father-son week in Canada
Lee with musky
My husband with a Musky


Musky, lets admit it does not look appetizing — luckily my boys are catch and release fisherman



Anyway, with no one at home to cook our gourmet meals and a daughter  craving pasta, we chose to eat at Olive Garden.  It was close to home and we could sit, relax and have plenty of time to chit chat.

bread food restaurant people



To our delight when we walked into the restaurant we immediately saw a young man by the name of Konner Neel who went to the same high school as my daughter and son.  He was a Senior in my daughters class, which happened to be the same year my son was in his first year of high school.

Konner was always a nice, thoughtful role model in school.  My daughter recalls his kindness to everyone!!!!

So how did I meet Konner? My son played on a very competitive soccer team all through late elementary school, middle school and high school. As a result of the skills he acquired, he made the Varsity Soccer Team in high school as a 9th grader, tough spot to be in. That’s how I met Konner.


Konner played in the Center Forward position (defender) on the soccer team.  That position is overseeing the entire team and seen as a credible player who was well regarded by all. A good position for a young man in his 2nd year as TEAM CAPTAIN (first time in the schools history mind you).

Anyhow, my son was also a defender but due to size he was in a wing position.  The positions work together defending the teams goal.  So, my son played and worked on soccer with Konner daily at practices all summer long.  Konner was sure to include my son as often as he could.  He was a master at communicating to his team-mates and offered advice about other teams players and strategies to my son.  He offered rides, included him in spirit days, texted reminders, touched base at school—went out of his way to ensure my 9th grade boy was included.  Konner helped make entering high school fun for my son. I can’t say it enough he was a great role model, and a thoughtful, well respected student.

My son(9th) and Konner(12th) on FAVORITE PERSON DAY!



Another example of this young mans kind and thoughtful nature was when Konner and my daughter were in a Marketing Class together. The class was assigned to make a video selling a invented product.  Konner asked my son to be in his video.  On the day the video was shared with the class Konner’s goal was to enjoy my daughter’s face when she saw her brother unexpectedly on the screen.  He wanted to see her joy and laughter.  You might be thinking he was interested in dating my beautiful girl and I would reply that that was simply not the case.  I honestly think Konner just cares about people and likes sharing joy.

When I saw Konner at Olive Garden I could see that he still had that kind face that made me so appreciate him.  It was so good to see him.  I learned he will be a Junior in a Business Program in college next year and has aspirations to be a Financial Advisor.

Sometimes you just meet such an extraordinary soul that interacts with your own children and love knowing they wander in your corner of the world.  That’s Konner!!! And to our surprise he stayed after his shift ended to make sure we had dessert, on him.

food plate chocolate dessert
Thanks Conner!!

It was such a nice night!! My daughter and I enjoyed each other’s company, we ate yummy pasta, met a fun waitress, caught up with Konner and even got dessert gifted to us.  I am truly a Lucky Duck!!

life is good

For more on Konner Neel see post entitled “DEDICATED TO KONNER NEEL”

Dedicated to Konner Neel




13 thoughts on “People Make Life Good”

  1. You had a very fulfilling day and looks like your husband and son are similarly enjoying a bonding time as well. Never saw that type of fish before – he looked a little mean, despite going back into the water!


    1. It is a nice memory to have. My only regret is that I didn’t take a photo of my girl or the people that made the evening so nice. Mind photos are definitely appreciated though!!!!


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