Surgery Is Fast Approaching



I am nearing the day that I go in for surgery 🙁!! Thoughts of it has brought on anxiety!  I’m sure it will be fine but I really dislike being disrobed and hospitals.  It makes me feel unsettled, nervous, anxious, uneasy, uncomfortable and as a result fearful of the day.


I have been aware that I was guided to not ingest aspirin or anti-inflammatories as well as herbal supplements 2 weeks prior to surgery.  So far so good.   I know have to gather a few things for post-operative and wait till the night before to be sure to eat early enough as I can’t eat 8 hours before surgery.

My dear friend Mary and I had plans to get together last night but her throat had not been feeling good.  Since her daughter is a nurse she is very aware of health and issues relating to it and she thought we should hold off on getting together.  So, I’ll look forward to after surgery even more.

Just want it to be over!!!!!





17 thoughts on “Surgery Is Fast Approaching”

  1. I have been put under anesthesia more than 40 times in my life, you would think I would be used to it by now, but I also get anxious before hand. I will be hoping the best for you!!!


      1. Of course you can complain, it IS scary! I mean it’s perfectly natural to be nervous. If you let the doctors know that you are nervous, they can give you something to take the edge off too. Honestly, for me the worst part now is not being able to have coffee…. Hang in there! I only brought up the number of surgeries I have had because I have such bad luck, but I have survived those….lol


      2. I’ll remember your words about communicating my nervousness if necessary!!!

        And yes I already contemplated that I can’t have my caffeine fix that morning🙁!! That will make it that much harder-seriously😞😟😩😳!!!!!


  2. I understand the fears that you are experiencing. The anxiety is perfectly normal, but everything is going to be just fine! It has been a while since I have been under, but my mother has been and she is just fine! I will say, taking advice from Grace is the best thing! Grace is an absolutely amazing woman and I will say I value her and her opinion. Let’s not tell her that though!! LOL!!


    1. It’s s deal Alyssa —we will not let Grace know we think she is a strong, credible, funny, endearing woman!!!

      Thank You for your thoughts Alyssa. Your right —I’ll be fine just fear of the unknown (and disrobing)!!!!

      FYI— your quite an amazing soul yourself!!!

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      1. If we let Grace how incredible she really is, it might go to her head! LOL!!! Between me and you, I look up to Grace with all the strength that woman has!! You just have to LOVE her!
        Thank you for your compliment! I try my best to be kind to everyone and help when I can!


      2. You do exactly that Alyssa!!
        You were the first person to reach out to me and it made me think perhaps my writing is being read. Thank You for your thoughtful and kind ways!!! It is very appreciated.

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  3. Good luck! Luckily I’ve never had to have surgery, but if one day I do, I feel sorry for the people around me. I’ll be a massive anxious mess! But it will all be fine, and the sooner it gets here, the sooner it will be over. Sending hugs. xxx


      1. It’s what I tell myself when I’m nervous about something. Or the night before I tell myself in bed, by this time tomorrow it will all be over and I’ll be tucked up back in my bed again. 🙂 When is it? xxx


      2. Surgery is Tuesday, July 31st at 6am😕.
        I’ll remind myself of your words when I’m in bed on the 30th. They will come in handy and they are true. It will be fine!!Thank You!!!😉

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