Surgery Day

Surgery 6am Tuesday 😳😬🤭😥😟!

12 thoughts on “Surgery Day”

    1. Oh my goodness— thank you for your thoughts. I feel so blessed.

      I finished radiation treatments today so I can get in with the healing. It’s been tough the past several days but I’m still here and progressing. I used less pain killers today but still love love love ice packets and laying stationary.

      Will learn next week if the cysts were cancerous!!!

      Thank You for your kindnesses and friendship Heather and Dizzy!! You are treasures!!

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      1. I’m so glad the radiation treatments are finished. It sounds so hard, but you are still here, and thats the main thing. 🙂 Dizzy’s been sending healing vibes. 🙂
        We’ll keep all our fingers and hooves crossed that they weren’t cancerous, and hope you are able to have a restful weekend. xxx

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  1. I am hoping everything went well with you – why did I think it was the 30th – perhaps you were admitted on the 30th to the hospital. At any rate, I sent you some cute duckling posts to cheer you up – who could not smile when you see something fuzzy and cute like that?? Take care of yourself Ms. Lucky Duck.

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    1. Thank You Linda!!
      Your kindnesses are incredibly appreciated! Finished radiation today so I can get onto the process of resting and healing!! Still need ice packs, and laying stationary but I’m using less pain killers today. Progress!!!

      Thank You for your friendship.
      I am thankful to have met you.

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      1. Hi Ms. Lucky Duck a/k/a Jennifer –

        I am glad to hear that you are making progress in your healing. Get a good emollient cream like Eucerin (unless your doctor recommends something else) … a co-worker’s wife experienced her skin burning from the radiation and said that made her quite uncomfortable along with the rest of healing … that is what she used, as recommended by her doctor. I know you may have different skin condition results, hope you don’t have burning … she said it was worse than the incision. At least it is Summer so you can wear light clothing to feel more comfortable as well – heavy Fall/Winter clothing might aggravate you so that is positive for you.

        I am happy to hear your spirits are up and you are on the road to recovery. You are a strong women my friend..

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    1. Hi Grace

      Thank You for caring!!! I’m home, uncomfortable but past radiation treatments and can get on with healing now!! Pain killers, ice packs, lying flat and not moving are good right now!!! I’m thankful it’s over!!!

      Won’t know if cysts were cancerous or not until next Wednesday. But I’ve lived through surgery once now so if I have to go again I’ll know what to expect!!!

      Thank You for being such a good friend Grace!!! I am truly a very lucky person/duck!!!!!

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