Post Surgery Mumblings

My surgery and radiation treatments are finally complete. I can lay stationary in my bed with ice packs and allow my body to heal!!! The past days have been about getting to radiation treatments regardless of pain, with a limited bathing, purple and black marker writings on me, and no deodorant. Then disrobing yet again to be molded into the right placement for treatment.

In the end, surgery was successful in that the cysts were removed in their entirety. The tissue has been submitted for a assessment of any cancer. I hope to receive a ALL CLEAR from the surgeon on Wednesday when I return for a follow-up.

I ended up with two incisions– one was stitched closed and the other was glued closed. The glued incision is the most painful. It is still utterly uncomfortable to lift my arms to high, be moved around, stretch in many positions, etc…, etc… I do best laying in bed with a cold ice pack on the incision sites for relief!!!

Today I slept till 11am, bathed (unfortunately there is still purple and black markings on my incision sites), ate, ran a errand with my daughter, came home took a pain pill (half dose) and fell asleep yet again. After waking slowly I am finally feeling up to sending out a post, which is true evidence that I am on the mend.

Receiving so many kind words, well wishes and concerned messages was overwhelming. Thank You for keeping me in your thoughts. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a positive, thoughtful and true network of support.


9 thoughts on “Post Surgery Mumblings”

    1. Thank You Grace!! I’ll do my best but life happens and as a parent sometimes what you need versus what happens are two totally different things. My husbands life has been crazy lately with lots of travel—when he can be home I feel very cared for and safe!!!

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  1. I am so happy the surgery went well! I hope you continue to rest because YOUR health is the MOST IMPORTANT thing!!! Please continue to rest and keep us up to date, but ONLY when you are feeling up to it! Sending you LOTS of positive and healing vibes!!!!

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  2. We’re all glad to see you back and your explanation of the procedure. Please send us updates when you are able so we can enjoy your progress too, okay? We’ll keep our collective fingers crossed that you get a good report come Wednesday in your follow-up visit with the doctor.


      1. You are in my thoughts and prayers Jennifer – on the bright side, it is not one week ago today! I always try to look at things that way. Every day you will be stronger – the Summer sun will help out that way as well. Get out and soak up a little Vitamin D … sun is good for the soul. Stay strong my friend.


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