Tonight at Cheesecake Factory


My husband, daughter and I are in Houston, Texas.  After a early morning and long drive in insane traffic and a visit to the Galleria for some shopping we decided to grab a bite to eat before retiring for the evening.  My daughter is a avid cheesecake fan so we opted to have dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.



The food was fabulous, the desserts were exceptional but the back waiter, waiter that helps the main waiter, was a man that we can all learn something from.


I’m ashamed to say I don’t know his name but observed his constant professionalism and thoughtful attitude.  The man constantly refilled drink after drink after drink, took dirty dishes away time after time, happily put leftovers in to go boxes, ran up and down the stairs over and over retrieving food and desserts to quickly deliver to yet another table and always with a quiet sense of accomplishment, a slight bow of his head and a slow backing away from the table.  Each time we were greeted with his presence he exuded a gentle kindness and the goal of making sure every tables needs were met.

Before my husband paid for the evenings meal ($112+ tip, which was probably a normal ticket for a meal, which could mean $20-$25 tip per table) I asked the back waiter if he would get any tips for his hard work and dedication this evening.  He said he did receive some tips from most people.  He then quickly added that in the end it did not matter because “I love my job”. Again we received a smile, a quiet bow of his head and he was off to do what he had been doing all night.


I left the Galleria with its upscale shops (Rolex, Prada, Tiffany & Co, Neiman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gucci, etc…, etc…), restaurants, activities and treats to be reminded that it’s okay to enjoy nice things and moments, but it’s equally as important to remember we are all part of a community of people that need to lift one another upward so everybody can enjoy nice times and moments. When we pass good deeds onto others with kindness as the goal, it makes us a better group of people. In the end its important to surrround ourselves with people we regard highly and aspire to be like.  These people are after all a reflection of us and our goals in life.  That’s where I want all of us to live, whether it’s Kansas City, Houston, Atlanta, or Tampa, surrounded by good people supporting good people.


5 thoughts on “Tonight at Cheesecake Factory”

  1. I love this post about the lovely experience you had. Such a kind soul doing more than just his job. You are so right, being surrounded by such beautiful souls can make such a difference in the world.


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m always searching for the underdogs in life. They are some of the most remarkable souls. I find it inspiring to hear of a life lived embracing all the good surrounding it!!

      And you know I never got his name but I can still picture his face and quiet, kind persona!!! He will stay with me for a long while. Lucky 🍀 me!!!!!

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