What Would MS Be Like If We Gave Up Eating Animal πŸ” πŸ• 🍦 and Eventually QUIT Taking Our Treatment??

What do you think life would be like if we all could give up our MS Treatments (Tecfidera, Copaxone, Aubagio, Betaseron, Gilenya, Limtrada, etc… ) and utilized the power of healthy

food to care for our bodies?

What if we focused on eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and perhaps lean meats?

When I was still teaching I followed a macrobiotic diet (veggies, fruit, beans, legumes, egg whites, nuts–not tropical choices, seeds, whole grains). The ultimate success was to avoid animal or for me at least minimize πŸ₯© πŸ§€ animal–dairy was my weakness!!!! (I am a 🍦🍨 ice cream 🍦 🍨 lover!!!!)

I cross trained at least 15 miles a week then, I had students to support in 4 different elementary buildings, I was a mom, wife, house cleaner, laundry doer, homework helper, soccer mom, band supporter, gift shopper, holiday preparer, etc…, etc…, etc… Back then I walked with a smooth effortless gait at a normal pace, my bladder and pelvic floor were on good behavior, my memory was stronger!!

If I went back to this style of eating and did it thoughtfully (I also have stomach issues) could I gain back some of my mobility or short term memory loss??

Curious to hear about diets that work for other MS’ers.

And what have your experiences been like when/if you stopped treatments??

11 thoughts on “What Would MS Be Like If We Gave Up Eating Animal πŸ” πŸ• 🍦 and Eventually QUIT Taking Our Treatment??”

  1. I love your super hero meme! Reminds me of my book cover for I Have MS. What’s Your Super Power?

    Hi Lisaβ€”
    I love the question!! No one has ever asked me that before. Hmmm-I think I would say… PATIENCE or CREATIVITY!!
    What would your answer be?
    Did I answer the question correctly?


  2. Some people swear by the wahl’s protcol diet, or paleo or going vegan, to be honest I never tried. I do believe that physical therapy and exercise if done right can really help, but I must be doing something wrong there too, because I keep hurting myself (breaking bones…lol) As far as stopping treatment…I have flashbacks of life before tysabri and have a bigger fear of stop that than I do quitting smoking


    1. Hmmm β€” I’m going to look up WAHL’S PROTOCOL DIET. Never heard of that one.

      I just want to not ALWAYS feel so tired and sluggish. I was doing so good until my stomach problems. Now my stomach demands food that are the opposite of what my MS demands. I think I kinda gave up on figuring out diet after that. Need to give it all another opportunity to help me!

      If I ever got to feeling better with food and exercise I would gather research and consider a conversation with my Neurologist.


  3. I have often wondered if a different diet would help my symptoms, but have not tried anything yet. My husband and I have talked so much about giving up meats and I think a lot about giving up dairy products. I already eat very little, so I guess it wouldn’t be that challenging! My husband made a comment earlier about the way our teeth are and therefore we are supposed to eat meat. I am just not sure anymore, but I am on board for anything that works

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