Time to Start Thinking About Christmas and My Letter to Santa (Better find my GOOD GIRL Pants too)


I need to find one of these for my future DUCKLINGS!!  When we move my husband promised I could have DUCKS!!!  I can’t wait!!!!!!!


Four Paws Fresh Air Pet Stroller BlueSKU: 27059125

The Four Paws Fresh Air Pet Stroller was designed for people that need a secure and safe environment to walk their pets. Pets with disabilities or pets that are by nature hard-to-walk (such as cats, rabbits and chinchillas) can be easily, safely and fashionably transported. Very easy to assemble and to store. The stroller folds and locks into a manageable storage size, just like a baby stroller. The carriage was designed with netting to allow the pet the benefit of fresh air and sunshine. It also has a covered portion to allow the pet relief from the sun or to escape the many people that will stop to look at them while in the stroller. The surface area within the carriage is a vinyl protect




Dear Santa —

If I promise that I will be a very good girl until late 2019 (possibly even early 2020) could I please-please-please with a cherry on top and sprinkles have this stroller?  My ducks deserve this fabulous stroller (but I wont need it until after my son graduates from high school and we find our new home).

cute ducklings weird christmas gift

My husband has PROMISED me that I could have some ducklings when we move (I think the Easter Bunny might be hooking me up with the quack babies). However, I think the little quackers will need this stroller sometimes when we go for outings in town, parades or adventures away from home (maybe even Wal-Mart runs).

What kind of cookies do you want from my house this year?  Also I left a fresh veggie tray and some hummus for the dears last year — any ideas for this year?  My husband suggested ranch dressing or just a salt this year, while simple he felt a great combination.  Thoughts?

4 MONTHS and 2 days till the big day!!! Looking forward to seeing you.

MS Lucky Duck



Please don’t allow the gang, especially Rudolph and Blitzen, to eat my beautiful homemade gingerbread house.  My husband works so hard building a beautiful gingerbread house for me to decorate and then the fam spends weeks making it glisten.


Just in case you didn’t know where to find the stroller —



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