I went to visit my daughter in Houston, Texas over the weekend. We were wandering along an outdoor shopping area when I noticed two children, approximately 8 -10 years old, discussing something very passionately.  My husband commented “their pretending to be mannequins.


By the time I processed what my husband had said and applied it to the children I had seen, we had walked past the store front and the children.  I stopped and immediately walked back to the children that were playing behind the store window to take a peek.  Sure enough they were in full on FREEZE stance.




I immediately started sharing facial and arm expressions that told them “WOW—THESE ARE GREAT MANNIQUIENS”. Having finally located my phone I began taking photos of them because they were after all the best manniquiens I had ever seen.


The little girl never broke a smile nor moved from her FREEZE stance.  So serious!!! Even with her mom and aunt right next to me watching and enjoying the moment, she remained very focused.


The little boy fought not to smile as he saw me, his mom and aunt, as well as the passer-bys, smiling, laughing and enjoying his work. He definitely tried to follow his sisters lead and regain his FREEZE.  He had a harder time trying to maintain his composure and yet he didn’t leave his sisters side nor ignore the rules of their game.


Seeing the children partake in their game brought a smile and a feeling of responsibility to contribute.  The children were so sweet in their moment of childhood fun and simplicity.  They were not causing any trouble, simply entertaining themselves as best they could as their mom finished her shopping. The children had no form of technology only their imaginations and I JUST LOVED THE PURENESS OF THE MOMENT!!! I could have imagined my own littles or my brother and I, partaking in the event when we were beyond bored with back-to-school shopping.

My only regret — I forgot to tip the children! As a kid what a extra fabulous memory I could have created for them.  I’ll be better prepared for the next time it occurs!!  You should too!! It truly takes a whole village to raise a child!!!


It takes a village to raise a child is an African proverb which means that it takes an entire community of different people interacting with children in order for a child to experience and grow in a safe environment.





    1. Me too!!! It was the way it should be.
      I understand the benefits of technology and can see how the younger generation is better because of it but it has also been so harmful to the younger generations. There has to be a balance beyond parental boundaries. What is it??

      Good words Grace — like a diamond in the rough. And kudos to their mama
      no pressure—no diamonds!!!

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