I’m Spinning

In the nearing 6 years since I’ve been diagnosed with MS I have had a few dizzy spells but lately I’m getting them a lot!!


It scares me to see and feel how my MS is changing.  I have had an enormous amount of stress lately!!! I try to calm it as best as I can (reading, knitting, art, my dogs, enjoying my husband and son, friends, etc…) but at the end of the day it’s still sitting there waiting for me!!!

Ive been focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables to support my body.  Drinking plenty of liquids is a consistent choice.  I’m trying to make sure I rest often and sleep when my body needs it.

The dizzy spells feel like the entire room is going around and around as I am in a stationary position.  Usually I am sitting or laying down when the spells begin to occur. Lately some of them last for 2-3 minutes.  For me, that’s much much longer than any I’ve ever experienced before. When the dizziness is over I feel unbalanced, light headed and slightly nauseous.            ☹️😧😔🤭🤢🤮


Dizziness Causes: Low Vitamin B12

Having a deficiency in vitamin B12 is easy to detect and treat, but can often be overlooked. Deficiencies lead to a number of neurological problems, including feeling off-balance and having low blood pressure. You may feel a wobbly feeling when getting up to fast from a seated position or when walking up or downstairs. Consider bringing chronic vertigo symptoms to your doctor’s attention and being checked for low vitamin B12 levels.

B12 supplementation can be given orally, which is very effective because it can be absorbed outside the ileum. The form of B12 is also a factor in proper absorption. Many people vary in which forms they respond to best, so it is possible to be taking a supplement but still be deficient.

Could a vitamin deficiency be a culprit?

Is this the sign of another exacerbation?

Any advice to calm my stressed body?




15 thoughts on “I’m Spinning”

  1. Medical wise I suggest you see your doctor… perhaps there is a change in your system, hormones, etc that may be the culprit and your doctor may be able to recommend something perhaps… 🙂
    As for the stress part, at some point in time you will no doubt have to deal with whatever is causing the stress… you won’t accomplish much if you read for a hour, resume the stress for an hour, read for an hour, and so on… 🙂 what I do, and perhaps you may wish to try is meditation…

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  2. It could be all the stress. The dizzies get me too, and I hate them so much. I find them really scary and get in a right state, but when I first started getting symptoms I had vertigo for hours and ended up in hospital, it’s never happened since, but it means I always get in a panic as soon as I get even slightly dizzy now. :/ x For me the only thing that helps is relaxing and resting. It would be worth checking with your doctor, but for me stress = dizzies. I hope they go away soon. xxx

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  3. So much stress in your life the past few months. Do sit down so you don’t take a tumble if you feel like you’re going to black out. My mom had so many dizzy issues and it was worrisome. This is why she ended up “taking to her bed” as they used to say in the olden days, but she felt more secure in there, and then she had issues where she could not keep her glasses on because the prescription made her feel dizzy. I can’t imagine what you are feeling. Maybe your doctor can suggest a vitamin or pill that does not counteract with anything else you are taking. You continue to be in my thoughts.


      1. Maybe there is something he can prescribe to you so you don’t have any equilibrium issues. My mom used to have the problems with the sensation of spinning around her. I remember we went to the E.R. the first time it happened … the doctor said do you feel like you’re spinning, or does the room look like it is spinning? He determined that the Lasix water pill she was taking for her legs (she had edema) was too strong and she had an electrolyte imbalance. They gave her a few bags of saline and got her a lower dose pill for water retention. I don’t know what happened the last year when she had the dizzy issues – we went to the E.R. as I still think she had a mild stroke and they said she was dehydrated.

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  4. After I read your post I had to stop and ask myself — am I spinning or it the room?? For me it’s the room!! Interesting question!!!

    Trying to limit stress is hard. For me there is so much I can’t control. I have to wait for life to iron it all out.
    Another sweet BLOGGER friend mentioned Meditation. I’m going to look into more mindful techniques to try to soothe and calm the stormy days.


  5. I am terribly sorry you have been dealing with dizzy spells. I know how frustrating and scary they can be as I have been dealing with them more lately. Stress could be the reason for yours and it is important to address this with your doctor. More than likely there is something they can do to help with these. I am glad you have things that distract you, but please talk to your doctor!! I know it is easier said than done, but stress is normally the reason we have more issues with MS and it is SO hard to avoid stress. Take care of yourself sweetie!!


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