Our FOCUS Determines Our REALITY

Due to many recent health issues and escalated stress levels I have made a commitment to increase my mindfulness. While some may say I need to deal with the stressors in my life to alleviate the issues — I say some challenges in life must work themselves out over time. While this is unfortunately true in life sometimes, it is none the less easier to attain peace with.

I am seeing that by using my brain power to think about things that are out of my control is draining. There are problems that I simply can’t solve whether I like it or not. The end result in using my time and mental stamina worrying about things I can do nothing about which leaves less energy for creativity or true relaxation. Lately when I sit down at the end of the day I have no energy for anything, even things that I used to find enjoyable. If I had a weekend free it would not necessarily be enjoyable. Wishing I could iron out problems for others is exhausting. So is waiting for weeks or even months for a resolution to attain some needed peace.

I need to remember to focus on what is only within my control!!!! And when my thoughts aren’t productive, I need to make a conscious, perhaps even forced, effort to shift my energy to more positive thoughts.

If finding a positive thought is a challenge, I could focus on activities like —

  • listening to music,
  • journaling,
  • reading,
  • writing/blogging,
  • sudoku,
  • art,
  • petting my dogs,
  • my family,
  • a friend,
  • breathing in the fresh air, etc….

I am hopeful that the more I practice expending my mental mind, the more it will become a consistent habit. Which in turn will result in more peace during the day and perhaps better sleep at night.



33 thoughts on “Our FOCUS Determines Our REALITY”

  1. You have a lot on your plate Ms. Lucky Duck and I commend you for each day that you finish … you have to take care of yourself as we enter the colder weather and flu season. Get a flu shot, load up on clementines then tackle those stressors while armed to the teeth to help your immune system not get too taxed.


      1. They are advertising the flu shots already here at Walgreens and CVS … I usually have mine by the 15th as it takes two weeks to take effect. But your immune system is low due to stress and your surgery and recent procedure and thus resistance to colds may not be great. I love clementines too … I was surprised they were out already because usually it is in late October …. that sounds like a friendly battle. The more eaten, the merrier – more resistance to colds.


      2. I’m battling liquid setting on my lungs — had a steroid treatment on Monday! Hope the weekend will put me on the mend.

        I’ll be watching for flu vaccine.

        Also my son LOVES clementines. I’ll have to partake too.😉

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      3. I got my flu shot today – they will ask you if you are sick, so you may have to wait. Perhaps your doctor who gave you the treatment can do it, or that a pulmonary specialist? I think all the drug stores have the flu vaccine by now as they generally get them in stock for back-to-school. I went to CVS. Clementines are the best way to get your Vitamin C. I forgot to look at the grocery store when I was there earlier today – I was not in Clementine mode as they usually don’t have them til later. They had pumpkins, gourds, and taffy apples.

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      4. How long til it subsides Jennifer? You have breathing treatments to help the fluid leave? My friend/next-door neighbor Marge had to go for breathing treatments for her COPD. She was on oxygen 100 percent of the time the last few years, but if she caught a cold, it would go right to her chest and she’d have to go to the pulmonary specialist and he had an apparatus in his office to help get her breathing better. Sometimes he put her in the hospital to ensure it got better faster. I know she was on steroids sometimes as well.


      5. Oh dear woman!!!!
        I had a steroid treatment to open my lungs so the goop would leave without hurting my chest so badly to cough it out. 🤢 YUCK!!!!

        I’m still coughing goop out but I’m getting better.

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      6. That’s good – I know my friend/neighbor Marge would start with a bronchial infection … she would tell her family to stay away if they had a cold, but they did not and she was quite susceptible due to the COPD – she had it bad because she smoked alot (4 plus packs a day years ago) … but she would start out with a slight cough and it would turn into a rolling cough as she tried to rid herself of the mucus as well. It would leave her breathless sometimes. Do you have a little device that is clear and you blow into it – it raises the little balls up to the top of the gizmo – a form of breathing exercise? They give that to you after surgery too.


      7. Yes, they usually give it to you after surgery and you use it to ensure you are breathing “full” again. I’m glad you are getting better every day – don’t forget to get a flu shot as soon as the doctor says you can get one. Have you had a shingles shot? They have a new one out that supercedes the original one. I know you have to be 62 to get it, and I got my shot about four years ago – ha to pay full price out of pocket. But, my neighbor Marge had shingles so bad … in her scalp, her hairline and worst of all, in her one eye. She lost some vision in her eye and I was a little freaked out about it and got the shot – with Marge, it had nothing to do with the COPD, it was all about her stress. Stress does a number on you … shingles sometimes is the result.


  2. If you can find a quiet time of the day, you might try meditation, shut out the world, the worries, life for a brief period of time.. I do it daily… 🙂

    “Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere”.

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      1. Well, I browsed the internet (Google, Bing and YouTube) to get some ideas… Meditation is becoming quite popular and there may be organizations, groups, individuals near where you live that could help also..

        I just experimented till I found a method that works for me… whatever you choose, the idea is to shut oneself of from the outside world and connect with ones inner-self….

        Tell you what, I have been asked before so rather than take up your space, in my next blog (probably around Tuesday) I will to into detail about my meditation… I will include the word “meditation” so it will be easy to find, OK?…
        Take care and have a wonderful day!


  3. I think that all of your ideas are fantastic! Hard as hell to practice, but worth trying to. I was looking for a link to a psychology article I had bookmarked sometime ago, that talks about ways of not running from your feelings with distraction (which is what I do), but rather spending some time with them to understand them and feel them. If I can find it, I will send it to you. I am sorry that you’ve been having a rough patch lately, as cliche as it is, please remember this too shall pass! and you are not alone!

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    1. Thanks Grace!!! All resources are appreciated.

      You and Dutch are right STRESS IS WASTED ENERGY!!! I need to channel it all differently and perhaps understanding it is a good first step.

      Your a good friend Grace!!!
      Hope your foot is making mends.

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      1. It is. I started writing a post about it yesterday, but surgery came quickly and i had a hard time with the getting out of the anesthesia fog, just know starting to feel human today


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