Isn’t She BEAUTIFUL!!!



22 thoughts on “Isn’t She BEAUTIFUL!!!”

  1. I would be thankful to see 100 (and still able to live a life) and to have enjoyed those years like the smile on her face has told me she has… 🙂

    “Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow remains a mystery, today is a new adventure. Greet it with open arms, a open heart, a open mind and a smile. Enjoy it because it won’t come again.” (Larry “Dutch“ Woller )

    ( I shared some thoughts about meditation on “Meditation and happiness on the path least traveled” if you are still interested)…


    1. I agree!! She is a beautiful example of a life well lived. Those smile lines are breathtaking!!!!
      THANK YOU for writing about Meditation for me. I’m very interested and I’ll read it today!!!! THANK YOU DUTCH!!!!


      1. So when you say “shut out the world” do you mean force yourself to not complete the thoughts about your day or what made you angry?? Is the goal QUIET, except for perhaps music ?

        Thank You for the resources Dutch!!
        I’m going to start figuring it out.😉

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      2. Yes, quiet for a brief period in time ( I started out with 10 minutes and now work around 20-30 minutes), it is just you and your inner self.. it is difficult starting out, patience and determination is a must….. not to worry about the day, what is for supper, nothing.. and you do not need the music either.. whatever works best for you… 🙂


      3. In the back of my mind I’m always aware of your words—make it what works for you!
        Thanks for that powerful first message !! Without that I could see how one could worry about trying to follow specific rules and techniques.


      1. Ahh, yes – the blind cow. What color was she? We have a lot of cows/bulls around us. I want to pet them but I don’t think their humans would appreciate it. These are not petting farms after all. Ha. I can only imagine my reaction if I looked outside and a stranger was snuggling one of my feather babies.

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      2. I can just picture her huge blue eyes staring you down as you come in for a nuzzle. I have often wondered why we, humans, gain such pleasure from putting our face against the face of animals. I tried to nuzzle the cow at cedar pointe but she was not having it. It was awkward. Ha.

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      3. I live in horse/cow country. Driving around lately I find myself looking for a white cow. I’m determined to find one with blue eyes so I can take a picture of the cow….with the cow. All our cows are brown though. 😦


  2. This thought just registered with me but I bet she was an Albino. I have a Great Dane that is white with blue eyes— over the years Nana has acquired black spots on her skin but NOT on her fur. She lacks pigment which is why she is a Albino also called Pibald(spelling?). She has limited vision and is losing her hearing. We brought her home anyway!! In retrospect I bet that’s what Lucy was too!! I have to remember to ask my dad. I so keep forgetting!! ☹️😔😫😩😢😭😳


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