Learning to Meditate


Several good friends (Dutch— http://www.onthepathleasttraveled.wordpress.com and Tatiana) have encouraged me to give 🧘🏽‍♀️ meditation 🧘🏻‍♂️ a try.  In an effort to battle stressors I did exactly that.

The guidance I received was to be aware of the following —-

  • breathing— become very cognizant of your body’s repetitive movements
  • position—
  • mind— allow no thoughts, agendas or worries to enter
  • mantra— repeat it over and over


On such a miraculous day I wandered to my lower back deck.  There waiting for me was a well loved table and comfy chairs.  I settled down in the shade under the umbrella, surrounded by trees with leaves dancing in the wind and flowers alerted to the performance. My phone was set for 3 minutes with a chime to alert the goal was achieved.  With my mantra committed to memory I begin my experience.

With my eyes closed to shut out stimulation I began a internal repitition of  “ohm nama shi vaya”.  I heard myself take a deep breath in and back out.  I repeated these steps over and over as the wind blew around me, a wind chime sang from a neighbors yard, and I sat comfortably. Although I only practiced for 3 minutes I can definitely see how meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️ could be a wonderfully soothing routine to quiet myself during the day.


For my first session I did have a few interrupting occurrences.  I felt a bug 🐜 on me and I shooed it away, for a second I allowed myself to consider where my puppy was, I thought about Dutch and his meditation space, I considered the word Tatiana gave me “ohm nama shi vaya”. Each time I surrendered the thoughts and moved back to the repitition of the chant and becoming aware of my breathing. For my first experience I can see it will take some practice to learn to quiet my mind of impeding thoughts.  Never the less I’m excited to learn of the tool and will definitely continue onward.

I’m left wondering about the position requirement of meditation.  Are there specific positions I should try? Does getting comfortable allow for a good quieting of the mind?  Dutch has said make it your own — find out what’s successful for you!!

The mantra is another thought to consider.  Tatiana shared “ohm nama shi vaya” as a starter mantra because that is what she learned in India when she was taught to meditate. What would some other mantras be?


For now I have several quieting places to go in my yard but I’ll need to consider colder days eventually.  I know Dutch has made a space in his home and decorated it peacefully and Tatiana adds wordless music to her experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hope to fit it into my morning routine after my good friends 🐶  🐶 have been outside and feed.

This is going to be good!!!




22 thoughts on “Learning to Meditate”

  1. 3 minutes for your first one is really good! I’ve been trying to properly get into meditation for ages and find it so hard to quieten my mind,it sounds like you’re doing really well! 🙂 I think position wise it’s just being a comfy as possible. Some people say it’s good to sit with your feet planted on the floor to ground you, but I think it’s just finding whats right for you. 🙂 xxx

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    1. I’m going to give it a good try Wendi!!! I also need to get back to exercising. I used to cross train to the equivalent of 15-20 miles a week. I let stress and a little depression stop me in my tracks. I’ve got to try to change it.

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      1. You sound like me here, I also have to, and then I should do this too…. I let all the thoughts of what I should be doing overwhelm me and I definitely cant stop my thoughts then. I think its great that you keep pushing, please remember even baby steps are steps. You’ve encouraged me to look into meditation a bit more. TY!


      1. Yes I’m still working on it! It’s so hard to stop impeding thoughts from interrupting!! A fellow blogger uses apps to help her totally focus on her breathing!! I wonder if that might help me,at least to start.

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  2. You are doing great!… just keep experimenting with different methods and with patience and determination you will find something that works for you!!.. 🙂

    “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right”. Mary Kay Ash 🙂

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  3. I am so glad meditation is working for you. It is really worth sticking to it and it’s lovely to hear that you already feel the benefits. I have meditated for the last 17 years and it is so beneficial. Happy meditating ❤


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