Dedicated to Konner Neel

August 29, 2018

After a difficult process I am proud to present the 2018-2019 MAIZE SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY SOCCER POSTER


Dedicated to Konner Neel (MSHS Class of 2017) my sons MENTOR and ROLE MODEL

Everyone needs someone to look up to, if your lucky that person will be built of strong character, a determined work ethic and a positive attitude.  For my son that soul is Konner Neel, truly a man amongst all men.

My son(9th) and Konner (12th) on 2017 FAVORITE PERSON DAY!


August 2018  -  Konner and Jack after the Alumni Soccer ⚽️ Game
August 2018-Konner and Jack after the MSHS ALUMNI Soccer ⚽️ Game

For more on Konner see the post entitled “PEOPLE MAKE LIFE GOOD”

People Make Life Good






4 thoughts on “Dedicated to Konner Neel”

  1. Wonderful pictures and thanks for sharing!.. you can be proud of your son as no doubt he is proud of you!!…

    “ The love a mother has for her children is legendary, it is said a child is the mother’s heart outside her body.”


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