MRI Test Results

My Neurologist called to share my MRI Results.  Dr. Reddy said my MRI looks the same as the one completed in late May.  Dr. Reddy no longer believes my issues are a result of a relapse.  He offered two choices to alleviate my dizziness and balance issues

  • a appointment with a ear, nose and throat specialist
  • physical therapy

I opted to not schedule either option.  I think my issues are completely STRESS related.  As a result, it is my belief that once my worries iron themselves out I will get back to a more healthy state.   Additionally, there is currently no time to add new doctors appointments to my already doctor filled weekly routine.

My plan to handle my challenges is to—

  • add 12 miles of exercise per week
  • continue to practice meditation
  • be more cognizant of my food choices
  • take time for ME!!

18 thoughts on “MRI Test Results”

  1. Stress can cause a great deal if issues, including depression, and it appears you have a great deal to be stressful about… 🙂 glad that there were no relapse and that you are taking control of your life… ME time (briefly stop the world and get off.. 🙂 ), however long, will make a great deal of difference!.. all the best to you!.. 🙂

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  2. I’m glad you called the dr, and had the mri. (even more glad that, it doesn’t show progression)…. Remember I am not a doctor, but I hope that having those questions taken off your mind will help you relax. Your plan to deal with the challenges sounds great. I think I need to join you ( separately but doing the same thing)…. I hope this is a better week for you my friend

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      1. Please know that I am happy to pray for any needs and I am happy to send you cards through the mail if that would bring you cheer. If so, you can contact me through my contact page and I will be more than happy to send you a cheerful card my friend!


  3. Stress can cause so many things, especially when you have MS. x I hope you feel much better soon. Just be abit careful with the exercise, I find sometimes relaxing and sleep are the best medicines. Sending lots and lots of hugs. 🙂 xxx


  4. I am sure I commented on this and maybe it went to SPAM because I suggested you do the ENT consultation – just to rule out an issue like fluid in your ear(s) and something that could be easily remedied and make your balance issue improve dramatically. It is good you found out the results and got the doctor’s suggestions. I am glad your exercise regimen will be walking!


      1. I wondered how you were doing Jennifer and wanted to reach out to you, but figured last week probably was consuming all your time and energy. I’m glad you are being wise with your time, health and rest … hopefully you got your new shoes and you are walking your socks off. 🙂


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