I had the pleasure of SHOWCASING a dog from the Kansas Humane Society at a local business in Goddard, Kansas.  The owner of the new business loves dogs and wanted to invite families with young kids to come play with the puppers.  I chose sweet Enoch, a.k.a. Harry the Dirty Dog.



Enoch is 8 months old, weighs 25 pounds and is incredibly gentle and sweet.  Enoch was brought in as a stray 3-4 days ago.  While he understands love and truly enjoys touch (ears, mouth, face, back, legs) he can be a little skiddish.  I believe once he bonds with a family he will love them all very passionately.  There was a 11/2 year old little girl at the SHOWCASE Event and Enoch came up to her upper leg.  He didn’t jump on her and she was comfortable enough to pet him. There were also other dogs at the SHOWCASE Event and Enoch was happy to meet them all.

Enoch will require some patience as he learns to walk better with a leash on.  And when he is really excited he wants to put his front feet on your knee for a hello.  Enoch seems to understand potty training as he has not gone potty in his kennel and further wants to hurry outside as he needs to potty in the grass at walk time.

This sweet little boy has a energy level that most anyone could accommodate.  He is not a high energy soul.  I’m sure he would love a backyard and a daily walk but mostly he wants to be loved!! He will mold himself to his new family and become your shadow.  He will cuddle next to you on the couch or wrap himself near your feet.  He will look at you with his beautifully expressive eyes to tell you “I LOVE YOU”.  He will appreciate every pet and cuddle you have to share.  He will be a dedicated companion and daily joy to introduce life experiences to (remember he is only 8 months old).

I so want to bring Enoch home with me!!!! My husband keeps telling me our 2 Great Danes are more than enough.

If you know a sweet family or someone in need of a companion or your interested in meeting Enoch PLEASE go visit the Kansas Humane Society!!!!!




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