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MRI Test Results

My Neurologist called to share my MRI Results.  Dr. Reddy said my MRI looks the same as the one completed in late May.  Dr. Reddy no longer believes my issues are a result of a relapse.  He offered two choices to alleviate my dizziness and balance issues

  • a appointment with a ear, nose and throat specialist
  • physical therapy

I opted to not schedule either option.  I think my issues are completely STRESS related.  As a result, it is my belief that once my worries iron themselves out I will get back to a more healthy state.   Additionally, there is currently no time to add new doctors appointments to my already doctor filled weekly routine.

My plan to handle my challenges is to—

  • add 12 miles of exercise per week
  • continue to practice meditation
  • be more cognizant of my food choices
  • take time for ME!!

Dedicated to Konner Neel

August 29, 2018

After a difficult process I am proud to present the 2018-2019 MAIZE SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY SOCCER POSTER


Dedicated to Konner Neel (MSHS Class of 2017) my sons MENTOR and ROLE MODEL

Everyone needs someone to look up to, if your lucky that person will be built of strong character, a determined work ethic and a positive attitude.  For my son that soul is Konner Neel, truly a man amongst all men.

My son(9th) and Konner (12th) on 2017 FAVORITE PERSON DAY!


August 2018  -  Konner and Jack after the Alumni Soccer ⚽️ Game
August 2018-Konner and Jack after the MSHS ALUMNI Soccer ⚽️ Game

For more on Konner see the post entitled “PEOPLE MAKE LIFE GOOD”

People Make Life Good





MRI AGAIN (4 months later)

Today I had a MRI scan.  My neurologist scheduled the scan because he was concerned I may be at the beginning stages of a relapse.  My predominant complaint was dizziness but my balance and short term memory are also being challenged.


The MRI was scheduled and completed at the same facility as the MRI that was completed 4 months ago.  The decision was by design by my Neurologist as the equipment and tech would be the same, making for a clearer comparison of my brain from May 2018 to September 2018.

Rose Byrne

My tech was named Emily and she looked like Rose Byrne.  She was beautiful and so joyful to share 45 minutes with.  Emily completed the scan without contrast (25 minutes) and then with contrast (15 minutes). I requested a warm blanket  to put over my body (so comforting) before my descent into my MRI cocoon.


Once inside I usually close my eyes and start focus on my breathing.  It is not uncommon for me to end up falling asleep.  Today however I opted to practice meditation by practicing on a internal rhythm of a mantra along with my breathing.  Before I knew it, Emily was pulling me out of my warm cocoon to inject contrast into my veins.


With a contrast ink injected, a new warm blanket covering my body and 👂 earplugs in place the machine slowly carried me back into my cocoon.  I immediately begin practicing on my meditation 🧘🏻‍♂️ again.

I must admit that thoughts do impede my meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️ practice but I am usually able to whisk them away and start again.  When the MRI scan was complete, Emily escorted me to the waiting room to leave for the afternoon.

Emily and I said goodbye, she promised to send a disk of the MRI Scan to my neurologist by tomorrow, she urged me to drink more water than I normally would and I was off—a little light headed but capable!!

I’m left wondering what this scan will teach about my brain?!?!?!?