🧘🏻‍♂️🚙 MINDFUL🧘🏽‍♀️ 🚘 DRIVING Meditation


In an effort to spend more time in a day being MINDFUL of my emotions and stress levels I found the  idea of Meditative Driving interesting.

Source: Solan McClean is a driving meditation practitioner, teacher, and the author of “Learning to Drive into the Now: PRND,”  www.solanmcclean.com.


When I first started developing my driving practice I noticed that as soon as I sat in the driver’s seat, right in front of my face was a great tool to remind me of my practice and the important keys to staying on track. It is PRND. This usually stands for park, reverse, neutral, and drive, and is found on your dashboard, steering column, or perhaps on your center console gearshift.


I use it to remind myself of the some of the keys to action of my practice, and refer to it several times a trip—sometimes more! Here is my breakdown:


When I first sit down in the driver’s seat, I make it a point to look at the PRND on my dash. I focus on “P” for a moment and move my attention to awareness of my intention to practice mindful driving. In this way, I set my intention for the trip. I know from experience that I will have to reset this intention several times (if not more) on my drive.

R is for RELAX

After my intention is mentally set, I then move onto the next reminder on the dash console.”R” for relax. I scan my body for any tension points, and consciously release them. I take a deep breath and rescan until I am pretty sure I am as relaxed as I can get at the moment.

N is for NOW

Once I have focused my intention and relaxed my body, I bring my attention into the now. I observe my surroundings visually without mentally narrating what I see. I feel my hands on the steering wheel, and I hear the starting of the engine as I feel the turn of the key. I smell the air and feel its temperature on my nostrils. I do all of this while remaining relaxed, and keeping my focus on the unfolding moment.

D is for Drive

Everything we have done up to this point has been leading up to this moment—the moment when we put the car and our practice into drive. As your vehicle moves through space in the present moment, so do you. This is your time to focus all of your attention on the experience of driving and experiencing all of the sights, sounds, tactile sensations, smells, movements, stillness, and freedom of driving in the now.


Now, simply exists in the moment, like you are riding a wave. Don’t try to hang onto the space you’re in. Just surrender to the moment and drive. If thoughts arise, notice them and then bring your attention back to the present moment, and let the thoughts fade. Keep your attention in the now. It is this process of noticing distractions and letting them go, then returning to the present moment that is your practice.


If you start and restart, and restart again, you are developing a present moment mindfulness driving practice! Stick with it and you will see the results.


MRI Test Results

My Neurologist called to share my MRI Results.  Dr. Reddy said my MRI looks the same as the one completed in late May.  Dr. Reddy no longer believes my issues are a result of a relapse.  He offered two choices to alleviate my dizziness and balance issues

  • a appointment with a ear, nose and throat specialist
  • physical therapy

I opted to not schedule either option.  I think my issues are completely STRESS related.  As a result, it is my belief that once my worries iron themselves out I will get back to a more healthy state.   Additionally, there is currently no time to add new doctors appointments to my already doctor filled weekly routine.

My plan to handle my challenges is to—

  • add 12 miles of exercise per week
  • continue to practice meditation
  • be more cognizant of my food choices
  • take time for ME!!

Dedicated to Konner Neel

August 29, 2018

After a difficult process I am proud to present the 2018-2019 MAIZE SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY SOCCER POSTER


Dedicated to Konner Neel (MSHS Class of 2017) my sons MENTOR and ROLE MODEL

Everyone needs someone to look up to, if your lucky that person will be built of strong character, a determined work ethic and a positive attitude.  For my son that soul is Konner Neel, truly a man amongst all men.

My son(9th) and Konner (12th) on 2017 FAVORITE PERSON DAY!


August 2018  -  Konner and Jack after the Alumni Soccer ⚽️ Game
August 2018-Konner and Jack after the MSHS ALUMNI Soccer ⚽️ Game

For more on Konner see the post entitled “PEOPLE MAKE LIFE GOOD”

People Make Life Good