Microbial Composition (Gut Health) and Exercise – How it works

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In My Backyard

As everybody was soundly sleeping this little girl began stirring up all the local kitty cats and puppy dogs last night.  She introduced herself as Posey (the Possum) when I got outside to meet her.  She said she was new to the neighborhood and then waddled on her way down the fence as she sang.

I was thinking as she left singing and singing out loud for all to hear (at midnight mind you), she probably weighs about 20 pounds!! Yikes!!! She must be finding food and water somewhere near for her to be taking a evening stroll through the neighborhood.  Wonder where my new neighbor lives???


Learning to Meditate


Several good friends (Dutch— http://www.onthepathleasttraveled.wordpress.com and Tatiana) have encouraged me to give 🧘🏽‍♀️ meditation 🧘🏻‍♂️ a try.  In an effort to battle stressors I did exactly that.

The guidance I received was to be aware of the following —-

  • breathing— become very cognizant of your body’s repetitive movements
  • position—
  • mind— allow no thoughts, agendas or worries to enter
  • mantra— repeat it over and over


On such a miraculous day I wandered to my lower back deck.  There waiting for me was a well loved table and comfy chairs.  I settled down in the shade under the umbrella, surrounded by trees with leaves dancing in the wind and flowers alerted to the performance. My phone was set for 3 minutes with a chime to alert the goal was achieved.  With my mantra committed to memory I begin my experience.

With my eyes closed to shut out stimulation I began a internal repitition of  “ohm nama shi vaya”.  I heard myself take a deep breath in and back out.  I repeated these steps over and over as the wind blew around me, a wind chime sang from a neighbors yard, and I sat comfortably. Although I only practiced for 3 minutes I can definitely see how meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️ could be a wonderfully soothing routine to quiet myself during the day.


For my first session I did have a few interrupting occurrences.  I felt a bug 🐜 on me and I shooed it away, for a second I allowed myself to consider where my puppy was, I thought about Dutch and his meditation space, I considered the word Tatiana gave me “ohm nama shi vaya”. Each time I surrendered the thoughts and moved back to the repitition of the chant and becoming aware of my breathing. For my first experience I can see it will take some practice to learn to quiet my mind of impeding thoughts.  Never the less I’m excited to learn of the tool and will definitely continue onward.

I’m left wondering about the position requirement of meditation.  Are there specific positions I should try? Does getting comfortable allow for a good quieting of the mind?  Dutch has said make it your own — find out what’s successful for you!!

The mantra is another thought to consider.  Tatiana shared “ohm nama shi vaya” as a starter mantra because that is what she learned in India when she was taught to meditate. What would some other mantras be?


For now I have several quieting places to go in my yard but I’ll need to consider colder days eventually.  I know Dutch has made a space in his home and decorated it peacefully and Tatiana adds wordless music to her experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hope to fit it into my morning routine after my good friends 🐶  🐶 have been outside and feed.

This is going to be good!!!



A Day In My Life

I am a very lucky girl!! My husband supports a nice life for our family.  Our needs are met, we live in a nice community, my kids have opportunity and we enjoy life together.  While some may say my day is quite carefree I would say I concur.  Truly I am very lucky!  And I make sure I pass my good fortune on wherever and whenever I can.  Also, I accept the good and difficult in my life and make the most of it.


The worst parts of my week, if you can even call it that, are the constant doctors appointments (gp, neuropsych, neurology, surgeon, urologist, therapist, etc…).  I usually have 3 appointments a week for varying reasons.  Next week for example I will have a MRI, therapist session, support group and urologist.  The week following I will have a appt with neuropsychologist, my neurologist, support group and my therapist.  While I’m very fortunate to have this wonderful team of people constantly touching base with me — I long for days with no appointments.  At the same time I enjoy each and every one of these fabulous people.  I feel blessed that these professionals do what they do and I get to be a part of it all.

That said today was a lovely day.  The sun was shining, my husbands business is thriving, my kids are progressing and I had a day with no appointments!!! I met some fabulous people, enjoyed visiting with good friends, had a fun lunch out with my husband, watched my son play soccer, talked to my daughter, pet my dogs, felt the sun shine on my face and embraced every moment.  It was truly a lovely day!

DEA127EF-96EC-4A32-9614-92FF369D7A53  DEA127EF-96EC-4A32-9614-92FF369D7A53 DEA127EF-96EC-4A32-9614-92FF369D7A53

  • 8:30am wake-up, allow my legs to move, stretch my tendons and feet
  • blog or read while I’m stretching my legs, feet and tendons— it’s a slow process


  • 9:15am take my 🐶 dogs 🐶 outside— at 4 pounds each they sure are tiny but mighty sassy


  • feed 🥘 my dogs 🐶 🐶
  • eat 🍳 breakfast
  • take medicine — 6 pills total but only after eating something

F0081EBE-9691-4234-B8A9-84524B975145   F2C90224-1CE6-4FE8-BD41-FAA8BA6CC916

  • put clean dishes away
  • start a load of laundry 👕 👖 🧦
  • make the 🛏 beds 🛏
  • other 🏠 chores — vacuum, clean, wash, trash, etc….
  • bathe 🛀
  • prepare for errands for the day (gather checks, mail, fed-x boxes, write lists, etc…)
  • 12:30pm lunch with my sweet husband —- Pizza 🍕 😋




  • 1:30pm run errands

3d concrete Bank Building


  • 9527FBBA-6349-437E-BB35-F057C6E66701
Salvation Army Grocery Store
  • 3:00pm talk to my daughter on the phone ☎️


  • 3:30pm my son ☀️ is 🏠 from school


  • 4:30pm volunteer for concessions at my sons high school during JV ⚽️ Game

718A2EEF-9625-4C13-B2B4-0D3E31A1D626  1AEEFE28-0B8E-416D-AE05-445854E51AAB

  • 5:30pm volunteer for concessions at my sons high school during JV ⚽️ Game


  • 6:30pm watch VARSITY ⚽️ Game — my beautiful boy is on the far right (#6)


  • 7:30pm continue watching VARSITY ⚽️ Game (4-0–MSHS WON!) 💥💫☄️💥


  • 8:30pm 🏡 again 🏠 again, jiggity jig jig 🏠 🏡 🏠


  • 9:00pm have a 🥪 🥗 🥣  bite to eat with my husband 🍴 while our boy goes out to eat with his soccer ⚽️ buddies
  • 9:30pm take medicine (5 pills but again only after eating something)

F0081EBE-9691-4234-B8A9-84524B975145  F2C90224-1CE6-4FE8-BD41-FAA8BA6CC916

  • 9:45pm relax 📺 📚 📱 ✍️ 📝 🖥
  • 11:00pm bed 🛏 💤 😴




Dear Man

When my husband showed me this I was laughing — it made me laugh because it was simply silly.   Now I think what a bummer for that dear man that his camera man didn’t help him do his job.  In the end he was trying to be a good story teller — it was a white lie but no body was harmed by his dramatic show.  Wonder what the aftermath has been life for him?



On Thursday I had COGNITION Testing.  I spent 5 HOURS with Latty engaging in a battery of tests.  I met Latty a few years ago when we worked for 2 days on testing my cognitive capacity.  Our intense work allowed a baseline of my brains abilities to be put into place.  Latty is easy to be with, serious but silly and makes me laugh.  I genuinely have fun being with her and I was elated to see her again!




This time around testing included activities like —-

  • MMPI Test
  • number activities (repeating back sets of numbers that continually become larger, repeating them back backwards, repeating them back in order from smallest to biggest)
  • vocabulary defining
  • listening to stories then retelling everything I can remember in the exact words used in the story and then answering yes/no questions about the details of the story
  • block puzzles that I am asked to reproduce


  • puzzles that I have to reproduce in as few movements as possible
  • speed tests
  • recall tests
  • pattern activities


  • problem solving activities
  • explaining how to accomplish a task
  • organizing groups of info and explaining why I organized each group the way I did
  • spatial relations assessments
  • seeing color words and announcing what the word says instead of the color it is written in


  • word games like how many words can you tell me that start with the letter p in 60 seconds (from past experience I can tell you they are looking for higher order vocabulary)
  • drawing activities


  • etc…, etc…, etc….

Latty and I completed all the tests Dr. Schroeder, Neuropsychologist, requested to thoroughly compare my brain capacity now versus 2 years ago.  My husband and I will hear the results on Monday, October 1.

I worked very hard during testing. I covered my eyes to overcome overstimulation, I was imagining writing on a chalkboard to remember information, I was processing my thoughts out loud, I allowed more time for my brain to recall, I laid down to relax when processing, etc…, etc…  Latty said things like  “I can tell you are really concentrating” “You seem like you are working harder this time”.  It was all true.  I remember one time I was supposed to be telling how two opposing words were similar.  In processing out loud I forgot the words I was comparing.  It truly was hard work.  Latty said “this time you knew what to expect and perhaps last time because you didn’t it was more easy going and fun”.

When I hear the results comparing my brains abilities I want to hear that my processing is still in the normal range for my education level and age.  In some ways I think I was better at testing this time around in other ways I can see potential declines. Regardless I wanted to give testing all that I was capable of.  In some ways for genuine interest in others out of sheer fear.

In the end I am thankful that I can still process, walk and be my genuine self.  Over time my stressors in life will iron themselves out and I will move back into a place of more peace and new challenges and better processing.  Life is tough right now but LIFE IS GOOD!!